The Nekrep family home stands at the gateway to Pragersko, at Ptujska cesta 10.

The Villa was built by our great-grandmother Cecilija and great- grandfather Alojz Nekrep in 1904. They built a family house for their three children and ever since then this has been home to generations of Nekreps.

The first low house was made into the high house of today in 1914.

There were happy and sad days, no generation escaped from it.

When my husband and I came there the Villa Nekrep (heritage house EŠ 23860) was in a bad state. We renovated it and built business premises near the house. 

We had a daughter and a son.  We had a future.

In the March of 2008, we lost our son Bor.


The Garden

The Villa and Garden were together for more than a century. Before the second world war, there was the house surrounded by autochthonic and exotic plants. There were palms in the pots and beside the roses, peonies, grapevine and fruit trees. 
In 2010 we demolished the business premises, our life's work until then. We started to create a new garden. The Garden has two main functions. On the one hand, it is a memorial garden, on the other, it is a connection between people and nature.
Our son and brother Bor loved life and all living things. He planted a cherry tree just a few days before he passed away. This cherry tree is very important to us. It is a symbol of our garden. 
Gentle cherry bloom is a symbol of the transience of life. 
The Nekrep garden covers an area of 6000 square metres. It lies on clay at the foot of Pohorje Hill at the beginning of the Pannonian valley. The garden is surrounded by old fruit trees and new ornamental trees. The garden is divided into garden rooms that extend from north east to south west where the fields start.
In front of the villa the garden has a classic parterre shape. In the middle of the lawn there is a water pond with water lilies surrounded by buxus and taxus hedge. There are many roses, ornamental shrubs and fragrant perennials. There is also a vegetable garden and a wood. 
The life of the garden reflects the seasons: it changes constantly and offers a natural shelter to all kinds of animals.
The garden is completely ecological.
A walk in the garden really relaxes and awakens all the senses.
It is our vision to protect nature and educate people of all ages in how to live with a connection to nature.
We invite you to see our garden. 
We look forward to your visit.
The Nekrep family



Ptujska cesta 10, 2331 Pragersko, Slovenija



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